Monday, 28 September 2009

The Silver Bullet list

There are now over 1400 entries in the Silver Bullet (SB) list (example Saxon Base)

When I was working for Chris Winter on the Silver Bullet project we started a collection of word pairs where the first word started with an S and the second started with a B

The list now contains over 1400 unique pairs.
They were categorised as follows Example

- - OK Silver Bullet
? - don't know about this. Need to check. Singing bobby
b - brand name Sensor blade
c - cheat Sauteed bunny - alternative to Jugged hare
d - disastrous failure Banana Splits
f - foreign Sacre bleu
n - name Sergeant Bilko
p - place Sunset Boulevard
q - questionable Stripy B - the middle letter of the IBM logo
s - sick or stupid Safe bonk
x - x-rated Silly Bunt

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