Monday, 28 September 2009

Driving lessons

I learnt to drive in the IBM Havant car park. On my second lesson I nearly kangaroo'd backwards into the Building 27 machine rooms. At the tender age of 16 years, 11 months and 28 days
my Dad said I could have my first driving lesson, round the IBM Havant car park.

There was a lot of kangarooing and my cornering was something to behold.

If you ever want to experience how I first attempted turning right then try this technique.

Day 1:
Stop at junction
When clear, attempt to move off, limiting the kangarooing as much as possible.
Turn the wheel to attempt to steer round the corner
But don't quite turn it enough, so that you mount the pavement with the nearside wheels.
All the while continue to look straight ahead at where you WERE going.

Day 2: repeat day 1 but this time stall when one wheel is mounted on the kerb.
On advice from parent, put vehicle into reverse.
Kangaroo backwards as fast as you can so that you cross the main road, mount the kerb
then manage to mount another rise of 9 inches or so.
Finally come to rest half way up the earth mound leading to the Building 27 machine rooms.
If you get the kangarooing right the underside of the car is undamaged.

Day 3: Aged 17! Hooray. But Dad too tired to let me drive.

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