Monday, 28 September 2009

I had 4 managers on my first day at IBM

People often complain that in recent years they have had more managers than hot dinners. Well, it's not a new thing...

On my first day as a permanent employee I had 4 managers:
My offer letter said my Manager would be Jim Jerwood
Later I was told it would be Audrey white.
When I arrived in the office I was met by acting manager Pete Walley
since my real manager was on vacation.
I can't remember who the real manager was: Rob somebody, quite a large man
with black hair and black glasses.

Anyone who worked in WTAAS in the late 70's care to remind me?

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  1. This is now the 3rd attempt at writing a comment.
    I had a reply from Peter Vickery who suggested Rob Holly. I said good try but he had curly hair.
    Peter's next response was:
    I think I know who you mean but HSM needs a tape mount - and the drives are in a museum. I'll sleep on it.
    Then he replied again with suggestions around Dave. Well it wasn't Dave Parry - but he had been my manager when I was a student. Nor was it Dave Whitmore.