Monday, 28 September 2009

Give your computer a nice name

I had a computer called Drinkstable... as in "I haven't had a drink all night occifer"

Are computers people too? Perhaps not, but they can have nicer names than "IBM-B7L3R8616"

I've named computers after film characters, favorite music and jokes.

There was forrest, majordan (should have been lieutenant dan), jenny and drillsergeant.
We had two servers called bubba and gump.

As my favourite band is Caravan, I've named other machines: dunstans, better by far and bobbingwide. And my colleague Ajay called his nightmare.

Half of the computers in the CLS/CTS project were named after Belgian beers: Rodenbach, Primus, Geuze to name a few.

Drinkstable was a rude spoonerism, suggested by my mate Jon Woodcock.

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