Monday, 28 September 2009

I've never won a project naming competition

For Technical Infrastructure my slogan was "tired of doing it by hand... then get yourself a FlowJob".

For the recent CLS competition my submission was in the form of a poem.

The bean counters at CLS
desired a slogan blue

They offered wide screen for success
in competition. TRUE!

The entries varied, more or less
from alphabet to zoo

But chosen above all the rest
was Herb's choice "blue cashew"

I mean we're not trading peanuts are we?

"Blue Currency" was the winner.

I did win a bottle of bubbly for my suggestion for the
eBI logo - eBusiness Integration
... but someone else actually drew the image.
There was no competition when we changed to PCEC.
I suppose it was too "EeCee PeCee"

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